The Mystery Stuka




A Ju87D Stuka – similar to the one that crashed at Valmestroff

Junkers Ju87D-1
W.Nr 2322
Date – 13 April 1944

Horst Jolie
(killed and buried at Niederbronn les Bains)
and Horst Hubscher (Baled out)


Crashed at Valmestroff, France

Iconic of the Battle of France and Dunkirk is the image of the Stuka. John Hayes-Fisher of 360 Productions asked, ‘Would it be possible to find one of those?’
As luck would have it Jean-Michel Goyat heard of a farmer in Valmestroff, in northeast France, who had been searching for one. Although the farmer had been told which field the Stuka had crashed in, he had not been able to locate the exact site. On a pre-filming reconnaissance the impact point was soon established with aid of the old fashion metal detector, Arrangements were made to excavate the aircraft and hire machinery.

Although a large amount of wreckage was recovered, including the engine and control column, nothing was found that could identify the aircraft on the day. Several Werke Numbers on various components were found, and many moths later the Stuka’s identity was finally revealed.

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