The West Hewish Heinkel

The Hewish Heinkel by Mark Postlethwaite

The Hewish Heinkel by Mark Postlethwaite

Heinkel He 111H-5
Wn.3595, 1H+ED
Stab.III/KG 26

Crashed 4 April 1941,

West Hewish, Somerset




Ofw. Herbert Rose (Pilot) Prisoner
Fw. Georg Fietzek (Observer) Prisoner
Uffz. Ernst Groschle (Flight Engineer) Prisoner
Ofw. Erich Blüher (Wireless Operator) killed.
Gefr. Mathias van Kaldenkerken (Gunner) killed.

Shot down by F/O Crew and Sgt Guthrie in a Beaufighter of 604 Squadron.

To represent the night Blitz in the BBC ‘Dig 1940′ series, the excavation of an He111 was arranged. Previously dug in the 1970s it was known that both engines were likely to remain buried – too deep for the original recovery attempt to reach. The Heinkel had dived vertically into soft ground and a particularly large digger was needed to get to the engines which were both brought to the surface. This Heinkel had been intercepted while attempting to bomb Avonmouth by Flying Officer Edward Crew; his son was one of those present during the filming.
The crash site at West Hewish was in a soft meadow. It was known that wreckage would be deeply buried, but its depth even suprised the team.

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