Heinkel He115 – Stavanger


Heinkel He115 salvaged in Norway.

Heinkel He115
Wnr. 2398 8L+FH
1/Küstenfliegergruppe 906
Sank – 28 December 1942
Stavanger, Norway

On December 28th 1942, an He115 of 1/Küstenfliegergruppe 906 landed heavily on the Hafrsfjord, Stavanger. One of the floats was broken off and it soon capsized and sank. The floats and one of the engines were salvaged before the floatplane went down. The crew of three escaped unharmed.
The wreck was salvaged in June 2012 and has been transported to the Norwegian Aviation Museum at Sola, near Stavanger – it’s old base – for long-term restoration now housing the Sola aviation museum (Flyhistorisk Museum Sola)

Photos: Peter Beck



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