Heinkel He219

He219 - Painting by Mark Postlethwaite

He219 Painting by Mark Postlethwaite GAvA.


Heinkel He219
Believed lost April 1945
The Skegerrak, Denmark

In October 2011, sports divers came across the remains of a He 219 located in about 3 metres of water off the coast of northern Denmark. Salvage was quickly organized in co-operation with the Danmarks Flyvehistoriske Selskab (DFS) and the wreckage raised from Tannis Bay on Monday 23 April 2012. The salvaged pieces were transported to Aalborg to receive treatment at the Forvars-og Garnisonsmuseum (Defence and Garrison Museum) where it’s hoped to preserve what remains of the aircraft and eventually incorporate it into a static exhibit. It’s rumoured that the He 219 ditched in April 1945; however, there are no known losses that might identify this machine, and the wreckage is being systematically combed for clues that might shed further light on its identity.

Details provided by Ron Ferguson, from his book The Heinkel He219 – A Research Paper.

These photo-images showing elements of the recovery and restoration were kindly provided by Peter Beck and Ib Lødsen of the Danmarks Flyvehistoriske Selskab (DFS) and Erik Gjørup Kristensen of the Danmarks Flyvehistoriske Union (DaFU).


More photos from Kim Christiansen.

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