Me323 ‘Gigant’ Sardinia

A six-engined Me323

A six-engined Me323.

Me232 ‘Gigant’
Crashed 26 July 1943
La Maddalena, Sardinia

It has been widely reported in the press that Italian diver and historian Cristina Freghieri has located the remains of an Me323 in 64 metres of water near the La Maddalena archipelago at the north-eastern tip of Sardinia.
The Me323 from 3/TG5 was shot down by 144 Squadron Beaufighters on 26th July 1943. It had taken off from Olbia Venafiorita and was heading to Pistoia, in Tuscany with troops and large amount of mail onboard. Eight Beaufighters made the interception whilst on a ‘Rover’ patrol. One of the Beaufighters was brought down by return fire.

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